“Hope thrives where support and community come together!”

What started as a single-handed relief effort in a single community has grown into a full recovery process. Development is now taking place in six villages!

We have a vision to foster community spirit and raise hope in Uganda!

CanAfric Community Initiative (CACI) is a registered Canadian not-for-profit organization, operating and networking in both Canada and Uganda. We partner with poor villages to alleviate poverty in northeastern Uganda. Motivated by HOPE, our mission is to foster a community spirit and assist poor communities in addressing and meeting their basic needs in a sustainable manner!


CanAfric Community Initiative believes that knowledge is a powerful tool that can help overcome communities' daily challenges. Everyone has the ability to prosper if given food, safe housing, community support, and hope.


We work hand-in-hand with local community-based networks to achieve our mission. We also work through meaningful and mutually beneficial community partnerships with other organizations. We serve and work with local people of all faiths and beliefs in the spirit of justice and compassion.


CanAfric Community Initiative works together with local individuals and communities to develop sustainable and local solutions. More...