Sustainable Development in Uganda!

Director’s Welcome

On behalf of CanAfric Community Initiative members, I would like to extend to you a warm welcome! My hope is that you will find your visit to our website informative.

What We Believe: Community Involvement for Change and Sustainability

CanAfric Community Initiative works together with local individuals and communities to develop empowering sustainable and local solutions that flourish and grow without the need for continuous support. This community involvement is essential to ensure projects are community-driven, transparent, and cost-effective.

CanAfric Community Initiative focuses on isolated communities where there is little or no current development. We work in these communities to assist people that have the dream and drive to better themselves as a community, their families, or individually, but not yet the means.


CanAfric Community Initiative believes that knowledge is a powerful tool that will help communities overcome daily challenges. Education is a process that impacts all community members and is not limited to particular age groups, genders, or religions.

Through life skills training, we have witnessed truly amazing improvements in the communities we operate in. We believe that acquired knowledge and skills can be tools that change lives today for a better tomorrow.

At CanAfric Community Initiative, we work alongside individuals, families, and communities whose spirit and dignity have suffered under the weight of challenges from hunger, abandonment, abuse, homelessness, addiction, and mental illness. In spite of these circumstances, we have often witnessed people’s resilience return and their spirits re-emerge.

How does that happen? It happens when every member joins hands as a community, where all are accepted without judgement, where they are offered important support but their choices remain their own, and where being part of the community provides not only safety and security but also a sense of belonging. It happens because when people are respected, supported, and have food or clean water, safe housing, community and opportunities, self-respect and recovery can follow, not only to one individual but to an entire community.

At CACI, we are challenged and inspired by our values. We are compelled to adapt and work together to assist impoverished communities in meeting their basic needs in a sustainable manner. This philosophy has led us to be one of the few organizations – and sometimes the only one in the areas we operate – where we serve and support communities to address the challenges they face by finding long-term and sustainable solutions.

It is our values that challenge and inspire us. Sometimes we cannot predict where funds will come from to sustain a particular project/program – that’s a part of our leap of faith – but we are compelled to adapt and meet the needs of those communities struggling to recovery;¬†goodwill for the good of the world and and a better tomorrow!

With great pride, I welcome you to witness the work being done by CanAfric Community Initiative staff, volunteers and Donors, all of whom we call the ambassadors for change!

I invite you to join us in partnership for this change and a better tomorrow.





Noah Mugenyi

Founder and Executive Director