Our History

A vision to Foster a Community spirit and raise Hope!

As a young boy growing up, food was never a problem. We grew up eating all kinds of food, vegetables and fruits, and every household had enough food. Cash crops such as coffee and cotton were the main source of income.

But on my return to my village of birth (Ssenyomo) after a number of years of being away, the story had changed; even the trees that provided fruit such as mangoes and oranges had been wiped out for charcoal and firewood.

The majority of those left in the village were widows and grandmothers whose husbands had died in the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Others were lost during the 1981 Luweero Triangle War. The sound of the crying orphans hit me so badly, I felt heart-broken and helpless. I had seen with my own eyes the grandmothers left to care for the young ones, but who had nothing to feed them. I had no immediate answers to the urgent needs, but I was hopeful that I could improve this situation. Through community partnership and village elder mobilization, we all agreed to work as a team, walking alongside each other in the journey for change and transformation. This partnership became Cthe anAfric Community Initiative (CACI).

Join us in the jojourney for recocovery and sustainability in Luweero, Uganda!