What We Do

Through community-driven spirit, CanAfric Community Initiative works in partnership with local communities and other organizations to alleviate poverty in poor communities. Some of our strategies include: sustainable farming methods and food security, life skills for income generation, water and sanitation improvement projects to meet everyday community needs, promotion of health and education, and saving the environment through tree planting. This commitment to community-driven development has helped CACI win the trust of our community partners.

CanAfric Community Initiative supports the need for affordable housing and believes that everyone has the ability to prosper if given food, safe housing, community support, and hope.

Too many families struggle to get by without a safe, comfortable, and affordable place to live. With little or no access to a sustainable and secure food supply, many eat one meal a day and drink contaminated water, all of which lead to serious health issues and medical complications. Let us join hands to eradicate this crisis!

Our projects

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