Water & Sanitation

In addition to the water well (borehole) constructed in 2009 with the help of our volunteers and board members, we manage a water-well that is shared by the two villages of Ssenyomo and Namakofu. Unfortunately, some people have to walk up to 2o kilometers to and from the well to access this cleaner water!

Africa is gifted with rainy seasons that sustain humans, creatures, and plants alike. Through our networking team, we have developed an affordable way of collecting rainwater from house roofs and storing it in locally-homemade tanks. By doing this, we not only provide cleaner water but also save lives.

Many grandparents are too old to carry a 20-litre jerrycan, and young children are frequently too small to do so and are at a high risk of drowning in community wells. We have witnessed several tragedies like this, which leave many communities distraught and horrified.