Goat & Piggery Farming

CACI provides people with starter animals – such as goats and pigs – for small household herds, and then trains them in topics of animal care. CACI also has future plans to train farmers in productive ways of using goat milk for making substances such as soap. Recent additions to our animal husbandry program are chickens, which can be used for both eggs and meat.


Farmers who  receive either a pig or goat look after it until it gives birth to offspring. Each farmer keeps the mother and babies until they have been weaned.

The offspring are then given to other farmers and the process continues. So far, farmers in the villages of Ssenyomo and Namakofu in Luweero district are benefiting from this program, and others are on the waiting list.


The villages of Kikyusa and Bulanzi will be the next beneficiary of this program.