Life Skills & Vocational Training

Our chair/project coordinator is a skilled artisan and a former technical/vocational school principal who specialized in construction, carpentry and metal work. He joined our team to teach the skills that will enable participants to support themselves and their families, as well as to earn a living.

Carpentry Class in Kikyusa

Our Vocational and Skill Training Centre aims to develop hands-on skills for youth and men, including:

  • carpentry
  • bicycle mechanics
  • concrete & bricklaying
  • metalwork

Candidates use these skills in various ways. A bicycle mechanic fills a great need in a community, as bicycles are frequently used as the main mode of transportation between villages to small towns or hospitals for medical reasons. Carpenters and bricklayers not only meet their community housing needs, but also play a significant role in transforming and improving their communities by building homes and other structures.